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Driving Lesson

Experience Mancunian Driving School

At Mancunian Driving School we pride ourselves on giving the very best driving training. We offer a wide range of payment schemes so you are bound to find a deal that suits you. Based on your experience we will design a structured course of driving lessons based on your needs aspirations and time scales. 

All our cars are manual (Automatic lessons will be arranged on request); this is because in our opinion, if you can drive manual you should have no problem with automatic gear shift cars. We have new cars which will accommodates anyone with full height and rake adjustable seats. Our cars have dual controls to keep you safe and help you develop your pedal skills. 

We offer Weekend lessons, Morning lessons, Evening lessons, Pay as you go lessons, Refresher lessons, Pass plus lessons, Motorway lessons.We have a 1st time pass rate of over 70%, so you are guaranteed the best possible training from Mancunian Driving School!

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My Background

Hello, my name is Faiz but you can call me Faz.

I have a passion for teaching people learning how to drive. I qualified over 8 years ago through BSM but now I work for myself. This has allowed me to bring my own approach and expertise into teaching pupils learn how to drive.

You will be glad to know that I am a fully qualified and DSA approved Driving Instructor – that means I am registered with the Driving Standards Authority, I have completed all the training needed to teach other people to drive, and also I have completed extra CPD training like coaching etc to further enhance my teaching skills and of course, I’ve been DBS checked for your safety.

It means that you can be reassured I know what I am doing and that I am committed to what I do. It’s just one of the reasons that, in the last 5 years I have maintained over 70% first time pass rate whilst running a professional and friendly driving school.

I think the key to success when learning to drive is to master the basics before venturing on to the bigger, more challenging stuff. It’s like building a house, ensure you have the best foundations and the rest of the build is a breeze!

A flexible approach is important and I tailor each lesson to the individual. There are no set timescales; the pace of your lesson will be set by how quickly you master the skills. There is no point in rushing through everything without making sure you are confident in each and every driving skill.

During driving lessons I use iPad to play various driving videos and show diagrams including interactive pictures that in my view is a great tool to visually explain the complicated driving manoeuvres, it is an effective way of learning big junctions and is a great for interactive communication between instructor and a learner. Most of us have a photographic memory, our memory for visual material is much better, and we are most focused and more detailed when looking at visual materials, for this reason the use of iPad is absolutely innovative way of learning. 

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